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Carbon Films   These internet pages will provide you with basic information about the class of coatings known as carbon films.

Carbon coatings:
Left: CVD diamond film on a shank cutter
Right: amorphous carbon coating on a gear.
  Importance and use
Carbon films make it possible to implement a large number of surface functions, especially in the field of tribology - in other words, in applications where wear is a major factor.

Carbon films are coatings which consist predominantly of the chemical element carbon. They include plasma polymer films, amorphous carbon films (DLC), CVD diamond films as well as graphite films.

How they are made
Carbon films are produced by deposition using gas-phase deposition processes in most cases taking place in a vacuum. They are deposited in the form of thin films with film thicknesses of just a few micrometers.

You find informations of the German guideline of carbon films as well as the forseen international standardization on this page.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films develops customized coating solutions for industrial applications. Amongst the films we have developed are amorphous carbon films and CVD diamond films. Follow these links to find out more about the range of services we offer:

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