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  We have designed a poster which provides a quick overview of how carbon films are classified and the various properties of the films.

It corresponds to VDI guideline 2840 and gives a classification of the 14 different carbon films (main groups: plasmapolymer films, amorphous carbon films, CVD diamond films, graphite films). Moreover, the table contains the recommended designations for the films as well as abbreviations (e. g. a-C:H:Me). In a section »Film Properties« specifications are given for wear protection, friction reduction, typical film thickness, film roughness, colour sensation and others.
Furthermore, values are given for engineering and physical properties like film hardness, heat resistance and electrical resistance. Finally, the coatable substrate materials are listed.

Besides the table, the poster also includes graphics showing the atomic structure of the films.

The poster (594 × 841 mm) is available in English and German. It costs €15.00 plus postage. A discount is possible with group orders - please contact us.

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